International Journal of Research in Applied Management,

Science & Technology.

            - A peer reviewed Multi-Disciplinary International Journal


Volume –VIII, Issue - II

A Study on Growth of Digital Payments in India -Dr. Thirupathi Kanchu & Dr. D. Harikanth

Existence of Digitaltransmission in the Era of Glocalization - A Critical Perspective -Dr. D.Narender Naik

A Study on Use of Digital Banking Services by Customers in Karimnagar District -Dr. B. Parashuramulu, Dr. M. Manojkumar

A Study on Performance Analysis of Select Crypto Currencies In India -Dr. Hema Neelam, Dr. P. Amaraveni

A Study on the Usage of Drones and its Types in Indian Agriculture -Dr. V. Madhukar, Dr. Murali Vallapureddy

A Study on the Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy - A Critical Review -Dr. Pashikanti Omkar, Dr.Burla Naresh

Demonetisation Impact on Indian Economy - A Study -Dr. V. Ramachandra Murthy, G. Mukteeshwar, Dr. L. Jaya Ramakrishna

A Study on Digital Transformation with the Use of AI on Management Sector -Dr. Breeze Tripathi, Dr. Punnam Veeriah

Digital Transformation In Banking Sector In India - An Overview -Neerla Jyothsna, Dr Raveender Onteru

Digital Economy : Trends, Issues and Implications In India -M.RajendraPrasad

Digitalization impact on retail business after covid pandemic period - A study -Amreen Khan, & Dr.Punnam Veeraiah

The outgrowth of digital payments in India -Dr.D.Veena, & Prof.P.Amaraveni

A Study of economic implications of digital payments in India -Jadi Shankariah

Cyber security- Security Protocols and Measures in Banking Sector -P.Maheshwari

ICT Impacat on Logistics and Supply Chain - A Qualitative Study -Deeksha Chaurasia, & Dr PunnamVeeraiah

Impact of technology on HRM Practives in IN RJIL -Jakkula Gopapa Rao

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation -V.Rajitha

Digital transformation in India - An Overview -Dr.V.Saritha

Digital Transformation A Game-Changer for Marketing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management -Reshma tunk

A Study on role of government and public sector in digital transformation -Dr. B. Venkateshwar Reddy & Dr. S. Somalingam

Effect of employee turnover - A case of HR analystics -Dr. O.Mohan

Digital initiative in NTPC LTD - An Employee engagement -Ravindhar Kumbam

Digitalization and demonetization: A Step Towards Cashless Economy With Reference To Commercial Banks
-Dr. B. Ramadevi

Role of digital payments in India -Dr. D.Nivas

Role of SME in digital payments in India -Dr. B.Niranjan Sreenivas

Digital Empowerment - Promising Role of a Teacher -Dr. E.Raju

A Comphrensive Study on Socio-Economic Implications with respect to Banking Scams and Frauds in India
-Dr. Sravanthi.M & Dr. Chittimalla Bhargavi