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Volume –VI, Issue - II

Scenario of Secondary Education in South India- An Overview (ICSSR PROJECT ON SECONDARY SCHOOLS SERVICE QUALITY) -Dr N Udaya Bhaskar1, P N V V Satyanarayana2 & Dr P Uma Maheswari Devi3

Volume –V, Issue - IV

Financial Options Catering to Post Retirement Old Age Requirements – Awareness Levels of the PSB Customers -Dr A Pravallika, Dr Naresh Kumar Tallapalli

Volume –V, Issue - II

Beyond Ethics–Towards Dharma and Ethos – A Retrospective Study On Correlation Between Ethical Business Practice and Improved Performance - A Case of Ford Motor Company -P N V V Satyanarayana & Dr. N Udaya Bhaskar

2. Disaster Management – Contribution of Scientific and other Institutions of Higher Learning -M Kavita Rao

Volume –IV, Issue - IV

Regulatory Environment for Micro Finance Institutions in India -Sita Abhiram Poolla

Factors Affecting on Medical Tourism Destination with reference to Private Hospitals in Hyderabad -Dr Aluvala Ravi, Dr Sanjay Kumar Taurani

Semantics of advertisements and Constructionist Theory - A PsychoPhilosophical Approach for Reading Advertisements -Priyanka Singh, Dr. Saurabh Mishra

Management of Non-Performing Assets in Regional Rural Banks - A Comparative Study - Dr Thirupathi Kanchu, Dr D Harikanth

Risk Management VIA Derivatives - Dr Ch Krishnudu, Dr D Nagendra Naik

Volume –IV, Issue - III

Financial Inclusion Status in North Eastern Region An Evidence of Commercial Banks -CMA (Dr) Sudarshan Maity

Exploring the relationship between Tobin’s Q and Intellectual Capital of Firms - An Empirical Study on Rubber and Plastic Industries in India -Dr Sivakoumar N, Dr V Kavida

Is Higher Education Geared up for Adapting Artificial Intelligent Systems -Arindam

Role of Internal Audit in improving the Performance of Universities in Iraq -Mohammed YaseenMousa Al Doori, Dr Rana Zehra Masood

Microfinance in India-A Study of Status, Penetration and Inclusiveness -Sita Abhiram Poolla

Demonetization: Success or Failure - Pinky Dutta

A Study on Influence of Work Environment on Business Performance with reference to Indian Seed Industry
-Dr Aluvala Ravi, Dr Sanjay Kumar Taurani

Innovations in Banking Services - A Study with special focus on Social and Sustainable Banking -Afrah Fatima

Volume –IV, Issue - II

Comparative Study of Leadership Styles among Academic Staffs in Public and Private Universities in Ethiopia
-Tasew Shedaga, Dr Sarang Narula

Customer Satisfaction of Mobile Phone Network Services -R Sri Balaji Prabhu, Dr M Ramesh

Blockchain and ERP Impact on Supply Chain -Anguja Agrawal

Empowerment of Women through SHGs An overview in Andhra Pradesh -V Sridevi, Dr Yoginder Singh

Role of Production Management and Its Functionalities -Meruva Baby Sowmya, Dr M I Thariq Hussan

The Weekend Effect on the Stock Returns of National Stock Exchange -Poonam Rani

Volume –IV, Issue - I

Influence of Consumer Endorser on Buying Intentions A Study in Delhi NCR -Dr. Pooja, Khushbu Arora

Impact of Demographics on Selection Behaviour of Investors while selecting Wealth Management Services
-Dr. Ashish Arora, Rashim Verma

An empirical study on Quality of Work Life among staff members with special reference to JKEDI -Shahid Ali, Arousa Javaid & Dr. Asif Iqbal Fazili

Industrial Scenario of Rural Andhra Pradesh with special reference to East Godavari District
-P.N.V.V. Satyanarayana, Dr. N. Udaya Bhaskar, K. Babulu

Women Empowerment and Education -Dr. Ashwini Vatharkar

Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Retention A Study in Banks -Dr. Biju Roy

The Self Help group study of Futuristic Women Administration in Pune -Dr. Anjali Kalkarl

A study on Attrition problem and Retention of Employees with special reference to Private Management Institutions in India -Dr. Rana Zehra Masood, Mohammed Yaseen Mousa Aldu

Volume –III, Issue - IV

E-Commerce in India Challenges and Opportunities -Mohammed Avais

Impact of Economic CSR on Employees’ Commitment An Indian Study -Lovika

Influence of Lean Manufacturing Techniques on Quality and Productivity – HLL Life Care Limited -Prof Ramalakshmi V and Dr Gomathi Shankar K

Impact of Universities Service Quality on Faculty Satisfaction-A Case of select Universities in Southern India
-Dr. N Udaya Bhaskar & Dr. P Uma Maheswari Devi

An Empirical Study of Service Quality with special reference to Gender -Harsha Rathore and Rishi Dubey

Productivity and Profitability Analysis of State Bank of India -Dr. D Harikanth, Dr. B Parashuramulu

Working Capital Management in selected Public Sector Companies A Comparative Study in West Bengal
-Bijoy Gupta & Prof Kartick Chandra Paul

The Structural Relationship between Gold Future Prices & Demonetization India - Kanika Singh , Himanshu Matta and Shiv Ranjan

Volume –III, Issue - III

Influence of Demographics on Retail Customer Satisfaction and Attitude -Dr. N Udaya Bhaskar
& Dr. P Uma Maheswari Devi

Consumer Behaviour towards Home Fitness Equipment -Dr. Seema Laddha

Driving Talent Management Practices to Organization Performance – HCL Technologies -Dr. K Sunanda

Exploring the relationship among emotional intelligence and socio-demographic variable & occupational stress A case from Banking Industry -Dr Meeta Mandaviy

The Use of EBITDA in Representing the Performance of a Firm - An Analysis in the Context of IFRS
-Sonia Viswam

Predicaments of Work Life Balance amongst Doctors with special focus on their Age, Gender, Spouse Profession and Hours of Work -Dr Ramesh Kumar Miryala & Shailaja Thangella

Does Trade Liberalization Affect Economic Growth Evidence from BRICS -Dr Rana Zehra Masood,
Mehraj Ahmad Sheikh

Volume –III, Issue - II

Indian Tourism Development - A Review -AsifHamidCharag, Dr.AsifFazili
& SharikaHassan

Factors affecting Customer awareness for Bitcoin as an Investment among Indians -SyedTabrezHassan

Impact of Television Advertisement on the Buying Behaviour of FMCG Customers in Coimbatore District: A Study - T Vasumathi & PB Banudevi

Usage of M-Banking Services - A Comparative Study of Select Public, Private and Foreign Sector Banks
-Safia Binte Omer

Comparative Study of Working Capital Management on Profitability of JSW Steel Ltd and Tata Steel Ltd
-N Sumathi

Ethical Marketing – A Study on Relation between Profits and Customer Satisfaction- A Case of Select Company
-P N V V Satyanarayana, Dr N Udaya Bhaskar, Prof N S Murthy and Dr M V Subba Rao

Volume –III, Issue - I

Impact of Training on Employee Performance at Veekay Communications -Mariah Tahseen

Organized Retailing and Customer Purchase Decision -Nazia Afreen

Impact of Employee Engagement at Gyaan Technology Solutions -Viquar Fatima

Investment Objectives of Select Commodities -Dr. Ch Krishnudu & Dr. Dr M Nagenrda Naik

A Study on the Investor Perception on Karvy Stock Broking in Coimbatore District -Dr P Mohanraj & P Kowsalya

Operational Performance Analysis of Selected Public Sector Banks - A Study -Dr. B Parashuramulu
Dr. D Harikanth

Volume –II, Issue - IV

Impact Of GST On Various Industries -Dr. Ashwini Vatharkar

Rural Women Entrepreneurship Problems And Challenges -John Paul Mennakanti

Customer Centric-Walk The Walk -Dr. Y. Vinodhini

A Study On Relation Ship Between Work-Life Balance Of Women Employees And Organisational Commitment - Kanthi Sree Dadala

Green Banking –A Conceptual Study -Dr.Atiya Mahboob

Corporate Governance and Investment Decision of Small Business Firms - Special reference to India -Dr Rashmita Sahoo

Theoretical Framework on Management and Leadership -Mariah Tahseen

Volume –II, Issue - III

Understanding the Understated: Power of Women Buyers -Dr. V Pramadha

Work Life Balance –Trauma or Treasure? -Ms. Saba Fatima

A Study on Implementation of IFRS in India - T Ramya Sri & Dr. C V Ranjani

Training and Development for Effective Digital India its’ Impact -Dr. B.Rama Devi

A Study On Working Capital Management -Enukurthi Anil Kumar

Customer Satisfaction in Organized Retailing - An Empirical Study of Retail Malls -Shailaja Thangella

Empowerment amongst Rural Women through SJG’s -Varadha Raju Komanduru

Volume –II, Issue - II

Consumer-Driven Patient-Centric Care Human Resource Challenges for Healthcare Managers -Medi.Pramukh & Dr.C.Madhavaiah

Is HR Audit a diagnostic tool for improvement - A Study -Dr. T Uma Devi

Factors Influencing Workplace Happiness among Employees in Software Companies in Bangalore -Dr. Susan Abraham

A Conceptual study of HRO at HCL Systems -Ponna Saikumar

Consumer Behaviour Towards Honda Two Wheelers -E Chaitanya Kranthi

Financial Inclusion - A Case Study of APGVB -K.Varadha Raju

A study on the relationship between Stock prices and some Macroeconomic variables -Dr Rashmita Sahoo

Volume –II, Issue - I

Talent Management Opportunities and Challenges -Dr Rana Zehra Masood

Human Resources Development Practices (HRD) In India-An Overview -Dr. N. Thyagaraju

Impact of Retention Strategies on Attrition Issues and Challenges -Rama Velchal

Prediction of Diabetes Disease with Comparative Study in Data Mining Algorithms -Sarikonda Vishali & Dr. Ramakrishna Seemakurti

Sales Promotion Practices at TVS Motor Company Limited -Enukurthi Anil Kumar

An Analysis of Customer Satisfation Towards Hyundai Motor India Limited -E Chaitanya Kranthi

Role of Women in Tourism Industry -Dr Jayaprakash Narayna G

Volume –I, Issue - II

The Effectiveness and Applicability Factors of Sales Promotion and Advertisement Techniques in Purchase Decision of Consumer Durable Products -Dr Aluvala Ravi

Institutional Investments and Indian Stock Market – A Causality Study -Omprakash Kajipet
Sridhar Ryakala

Role of Marketing Mix on Customer Satisfaction -Prof. Tatikonda Neelakantam

Sustainable Tourism – The Need for a Comprehensive Methodological Framework -Dr. A. Raghu

Banker’s Perception On Customers Expectations And Actual Service Provided At Rural Areas -John Paul Mennakanti

Sustainable Tourism – The Need for a Comprehensive Methodological Framework -Dr. A. Raghu

A Study on Online Trading at Karvy - E Chaitanya Kranthi

Volume –I, Issue - I

Effect of Stress on Well-Being and Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Bank Employees in India -Prof Shweta Hooda & Kavita Dahiya

Is HR a Profession, Occupation or a Pre-Occupation of a few? -T V Rao

Resiliency Development as a Stress Coping Strategy: A Review of Scientific Literature -Prof. A. Suryanarayana

Assessment of the extent of Knowledge and Awareness about Free Health Service Provision System in Dilla Town, Southern Ethiopia -Getachew Nenko

Tourism Marketing in Punjab – An Empirical Investigation of Opportunities -Prof B B Goyal & Dr Reenu Mittal